While I do consider myself a corporate drop-out, a few of the perks and pleasures of working in big business have carried over to my new life. That includes travel. I’m up for a rough and rugged adventure, and I’ve taken many of them. But every so often I do like to take a relaxing trip to the United Kingdom that includes sightseeing, luxury accommodations and fine dining. And, an occasional ride from a chauffeur service.

It’s no secret that corporate travel is now contested territory. But any transportation professional knows that a casual driver who’s been picking up digital hitchhikers for 12 hours in a poorly maintained two-door jalopy just to make some extra cash can’t compare to the well-trained and immaculate chauffeurs who are so sought after in this industry for their expertise in handling VIP clients and high-end vehicles. That, however doesn’t seem to be stopping corporate clients from hopping into an Uber or Lyft car these days, especially since both have begun offering so-called luxury divisions — presumably part of especially Uber’s aggressive attack on wooing Fortune 1000 companies.

Why I Enjoy Chauffeur Service Travel

But there will always be corporate travelers who prefer the service of a professional chauffeur and the guaranteed amenities that come with booking a luxury ground transportation vehicle — not to mention, of course, the peace of mind that comes with being in the care of a trustworthy operation bound by duty of care and the safety regulations guiding its industry. I’m one of those folks.

As the world gets smaller and smaller through mergers and acquisitions, constant connectivity, and an increasingly scrutinized examination of the ripple effects of worldwide commerce, chauffeur services need to keep pace with an uptick in corporate globetrotters.

Standard taxis and ride-share services are fine for some, but many international travelers (myself included) would prefer to simply have a ride already waiting for them as soon as they set foot on foreign soil after what was a most assuredly long haul of a flight. A good chauffeur service helps their far-flung corporate clients answer their most pressing questions about foreign transportation to make the best impression. Is a larger network the way to go? Would they rather the service arrange the trip or just provide a list of suggested travel partners at their destination? Are the transaction processes and service levels comparable to what they’re used to at home, and should they be prepared for any surprises? A chauffeur service will go that extra mile to minimize potential roadblocks for a corporate client headed overseas.

A chauffeur is someone who is actually in the service of transporting other people. They have a service-oriented mindset and have the training to back it. On top of that, they are a professional driver. So a chauffeur is actually a combination of a professional driver and a service person. Their company holds them accountable for what they do and how they act. A chauffeur also has their roots in history.

A chauffeur is also a time-honored position. They started out as more than just a driver. They were originally a stoker which stoked the traditional steam engines on ships. The French then transferred the word to those that drove their horseless carriages. Steamboats were known for having some of the most prestigious staff.

When you have a chauffeur transporting you there is a higher level of experience expected. The door will be opened for you, they will use yes sir, yes ma’am. The chauffeur will take and store your luggage. Most times a chauffeur will also drive a fancier car than a driver. Sometimes a chauffeur will drive your car, though when requested.

Chauffeurs who transport people also dress the part. While it might seem small, it makes a difference that is memorable. A driver will wear whatever they want to work while the other will dress in clothes that are stylish and fancy at the same time. At the same time as being fancy, though, a chauffeur will always do their best to never outshine their client.

In today’s world, it is so hard to find a truly experiential transportation experience. A driver simply doesn’t have the kind of formal customer service experience. Since they started servicing people chauffeurs have been known to provide great experiences for their drivers. They are a powerful breed of people who transport you to and fro with service, compassion, and expert driving skills. All the things that you would expect from a driver but not get.

What is your first concern when you plan a trip, leisure or business? The most obvious answer is flight or hotel. Nobody really considers ground transfers in travel plans! Don’t you think planning your ground transfers in advance will make your holidays more enjoyable? I believe that whether you need a London airport transfer, a tour of Bath, Lincolnshire, Cornwall, Derbyshire or Hampshire, hiring a chauffeur driven car for your trip can improve your overall travel experience.

Benefits of a Chauffeur Service

There are many misconceptions associated with hiring a personal driver while planning travel — uktravel.com has more on that topic. People believe that it would not fit their budget but in reality, hiring a professional chauffeur comes with many incredible benefits.

Planned a trip for a couple of days? You are most probably on a tight schedule. Being late is not an option for you, especially if you are traveling for business. With a professional chauffeur managing your travel, you are bound to reach your destination on-time at all times. A dedicated chauffeur service will ensure seamless transfers and guaranteed satisfaction.

A luxury vehicle hire company follows specific procedures to hire drivers. These hired chauffeurs undergo professional training related to customer service, local routes and the city rules before they are allowed to drive. They are dedicated, honest, and extensively trained professionals, who are permitted to drive cross-country with the necessary certificates and permits. As a result, you are able to enjoy outstanding service from someone who is completely trustworthy.

Though travelling takes us away from our disarrayed life, planning your trip would make it more relaxing. After a long and tiring flight, driving another couple of hours is not a good idea.

As you have planned your travel in advance, you are done with the job. Leave the rest to the chauffeur, who will arrive to pick you up on time, and help you reach the destinations at the said time. From helping you juggle with the luggage to getting you back to the hotel safely, after a day’s work, the chauffeur will be by your side at all times. With advance payments, you won’t even need to worry about paying in cash or using your local currency. You can chill and enjoy a stress-free ride.